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Customer Reviews Minimize
These products consistently helped me across all my crops increase production.  Products that exceed your expectations like these don't come along very often.
-El Dee Field, Field Farms
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"If a farmer or rancher wants maximum growth, production, and higher relative  food values in whatever they are growing then hands down your products are the way to go.
JAC Ranch
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"I was able to do the right things for my farm, my family and the environment. The best part is while doing the right things I was able to increase my production and decrease my input costs which translated to a sustainable, profitable farm.
Kevin Vandiver
Vandiver Farms
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Alfalfa Test Results Minimize
Crude Protein %:
Conventional 25.07
ACL Products 27.55
Acid Fiber (ADF) %:
Conventional 25.25
ACL Products 20.57
Digestible Nutrients %:
Conventional 65.45
ACL Products 68.68
Relative Feed Value:
Conventional 163
ACL Products 180
All this in just 30 days!

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Real Profit Comes From Balanced Soil

Soil is a wonderful and complex creation. A balanced soil can produce a nutrient dense food and animal feed enriched with trace elements. To achieve this requires a properly functioning soil. A balanced soil has four key requirements that need to be addressed before reaping the benefits. 

    1. Soil Energy - soil energy refers to a soil's ability to grow a crop and bring it to maturity. 
    2. Foundation Minerals - foundation minerals refers primarily to adequate available calcium and phosphorus. 

    3. Humus and Biology - humus and biology refers to the living, breathing aspect of the soil. 

    4. Trace Elements - the addition of a plentiful supply of trace elements.


ACL is a private company focused in the production of fertile soil by means of biological methods. We have formulated products that replace conventional fertilization methods and they are 100% natural, safe and non-toxic replacements. The products act as natural inhibitors to insects and fungus. Our products are formulated to support the 4 keys to a balanced soil. We can help growers and producers achieve their long term goals while producing better quality yields and we do it in a way that's 100% natural and eco-friendly.

The main goal of ACL is to promote sustainable agriculture!

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